Monday, 3 September 2012


Hello and welcome to my Creativity Parties blog. This is the place where I will be sharing photos of the sorts of projects children can make at a Creativity Party as well as updating you with any information you may need.

Creativity Parties are a great way to add fun and creativity to a child's birthday party. You can choose the theme (or create one in discussion with me) and the activities you would like the children to complete. There are many fun things to choose from including card making, scrapbooking, magnets, bookmarks, hair accessories, journals and treasure boxes. These activities involve rubber stamping, colouring, cutting, painting, designing and more!

I recommend having between 1-2 hours for these activities and you will need to have a table (or more) large enough for all the children to have a space at which to create. I will bring all the supplies required and can also supply party bags for the children to take home if you wish.

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